Comic for Monday, Feb 13, 2017


Posted February 13, 2017 at 1:00 am

- Elliot embraces his Cheerleadra form
- "I was going to give magic to everyone."

Tedd has quite a few things to be upset about at the moment.

Granted, there's one common counterpoint to the gender fluid aspect of Tedd's predicament, that being that Uryuom tech would likely be unaffected (uruom exemption first mentioned here), but don't you dare think I've forgotten about that! Especially after I, you know, pointed it out. That would be silly.

Incidentally, at least one person is gonna owe themselves a cookie later, because they nailed one of the reasons why Tedd's still upset about this right on the head (you'll know who you are soon).

Dan Forgot To Do Something

Something I forgot to comment on in the previous comic was Elliot's comment about "did you forget you were transformed again?" I included this line because I'm not 100% sure whether I want the very first EGS:NP storyline, Tedd Forgot To Do Something, to be considered canon.

If it is canon, it would have been really weird for Elliot not to have at least alluded to it. If it's not canon, well, Tedd forgetting he's transformed is something she just does sometimes, so it still works.