Comic for Monday, Apr 25, 2016


Posted April 25, 2016 at 12:58 pm

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I hate the "turn around when possible" instruction on GPS guidance. It's a perfectly reasonable instruction, but the only time I personally ever hear it is when I've made the conscious decision to deviate from part of the path for whatever reason, but still want to have the GPS there for later and don't want to turn it off and back on again while driving.

This comic wound up getting delayed as a result of me not being 100% certain what note I wanted to end this storyline on, and what exact order to show things in. This is an issue I intend to avoid in the future by having storylines written out 100% in advance as opposed to my previous strategy of "have a general idea what all needs to happen and where I'm going and run with it".

Granted, that previous strategy was never what I wanted to do. I just consistently find myself needing to write scripts for later in the week rather than later in the year, which is a problem that feeds itself. This is why I'm going to have a Q&A after this storyline, which is ALSO being written in advance. I have questions already for it, and between that and prewritten EGS:NP, I'll have several weeks in which everything I'm writing is for the relatively distant future. I look forward to it.

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