Comic for Wednesday, Jun 22, 2016


Posted June 22, 2016 at 7:51 pm

Whether it be about Sarah and Sam or Justin and Luke, this is a question I get a lot. While there has been two canon EGS:NP storylines that have also taken place on Saturday (Playing With Dolls and Question Mark), nothing canon has happened that takes place after the Saturday shown in So A Date At The Mall.

The reasons for this is that the story arc begins--Well, technically where it begins is tricky, but the important thing is that the majority of the next story arc takes place during the following week. It's pretty much been impossible to show anything past that Saturday because of what comes next.

As for when this Q&A will end, I'm not saying yet, but it will be clear when it's over, and it will be followed by a cover for the next story arc.