Comic for Wednesday, Jun 22, 2016


Posted June 22, 2016 at 1:01 am

Someone somewhere is now infuriated that I don't know that bulls don't actually hate the color red and is eager to inform me of my ignorance.

In Overwatch, the opposing team is highlighted in red, and friendlies are highlighted in blue. I find this to absolutely brilliant, as it removes any unbalance color psychology can genuinely cause, and allows for even more varied costumes.

I honestly thought I was done with Overwatch comics, but when I finished Monday's comics, I relaxed by playing some Overwatch, and, well...

There were incidents.

Charging related incidents.

The first one involved me going over a cliff. So did the second. The third was a bit better, because I took at least one, possibly three, enemies with me. It was hard to tell because I was charging.

Then there was more charging. Sometimes the charging went well. Sometimes it didn't. Sometimes I knew I shouldn't be charging, but I charged anyway, because charging is my way.

One time I was a big darn hero and charged an exploding bunny mech away from any of my teammates. That was a heroic charge, but I did blow up.

It was a charge filled evening full of good charges and bad charges.

Anyway, I'll probably make fun of some other game on Friday.