Comic for Monday, Jun 20, 2016


Posted June 20, 2016 at 4:46 pm

That first panel took even longer than I thought it would. I'm not sure why it would take me less time. Armor takes me centuries and it's all zoomed out and stuff.


Splatoon is a team based (ink) shooter game that doesn't have voice chat because it's Nintendo, and college students would have sworn at all of the children, and it was decided that was no good.

I'm sure voice chat can be useful, and I can see the appeal of using it with people I know, but with random people on the internet? No. No thank you.

(Besides, in Overwatch, I'm usually playing as Mercy and have "oh god heal me" vision, and can see where all my teammates are through walls. I have the information I need.)

Incidentally, I'm not being mean to Rich and Larry in this comic. Both are just giving their strategic opinions in a team based game, plus Rich is playing as Reinhardt (protects people) and Larry as Mercy (heals people). They are credit to team here.

Whoever's suggesting they all play as Bastion is the true villain.