Comic for Monday, Nov 17, 2014


Posted November 17, 2014 at 1:49 am

- Tedd Vs Luke 1
- Tedd Vs Luke 2

I like Aludrakrala's wing just sorta being there in the background. It's like "you need me to do anything yet? No? That's cool. I'll just keep snoozing with my wings all spread out."

I've never won big prizes in tournaments before, but I have done just well enough to get 1-3 packs, which is always nifty. I play for funzies, so anything I get extra is, well, extra.

I've been informed by numerous people that intentional draws are acceptable depending on what manner of card tournament you're participating in. I knew this to be a thing that happened, but not whether it was acceptable by tournament guidelines. I've ALSO been told that this is a begrudgingly accepted thing, as in it's a "we don't want people doing this, but enforcing it is nigh impossible, so we're just accepting the inevitable" rule.

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