Comic for Thursday, Apr 24, 2014


Posted April 24, 2014 at 1:01 am

Super tired, so let's bullet point this comic commentary, shall we?

- The medieval peasant style clothing in panel two simply uses desaturated versions of Tedd and Sarah's normal clothing palettes.

- Sarah's fur color is a lighter tone of her hair. Tedd's fur color is, too, but it uses his natural purple hair color as the basis instead of the pink.

- I really wanted to make the point that the fantasy visuals were in Sarah's mind. To that end, we have the thought bubble circles going from panel one to panel two, the borders of the fantasy panels are a yellowish hue (which mostly just looks brown, but still), and she's even looking up at her own fantasy in panel five. I mean, that's not REALLY what she's doing, but I made it look like she is all the same.