Comic for Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014


Posted March 5, 2014 at 1:01 am

- Rhoda and Catalina
- Mr. Tensaided
- Liz and Ashley
- Rick and Elijah
- George
- Party guests

I initially imagined this moment with only six named characters and one extra. It was originally just going to be Elliot, Sarah and Susan at the movies buying either tickets or popcorn, and Rhoda and Catalina nearby and clearly on a date.

Then I decided that I'd rather have Susan, Elliot and Sarah sitting together in a theater, and Rhoda and Catalina a few aisles up and kissing. Then I figured there should be more people in the theater, so I tossed George into the mix. Then I thought it would be fun if Ashley was there with Liz, and...

Look, my point is that things escalated quickly. I included the party guests to help give the impression of a crowded theater. In the end, there are eleven named characters and four unnamed for a total of fifteen.