Comic for Friday, Jan 17, 2014


Posted January 17, 2014 at 1:01 am

- Invisible Tom
- "Sorry I missed you"

Music from the Phoenix Wright games raced through my head during much of the production of this comic.

Give yourself a cookie, or appropriate rewarding snack of your choice, if you had suspected that unsolicited apology was a mistake on Tom's part.

Part of me really wanted to end this comic on Susan's "why did you apologize" question, but the amount of padding to their discussion necessary to get that timing right just didn't work. That, and it would have meant an entire weekend of questions about what Susan meant by that followed by endless copy/pasting of "wait until Monday".

Incidentally, one probably shouldn't expect answers from me to questions that are likely to be answered in the next comic anyway. It would be just slightly silly of me to answer those.