Comic for Friday, Oct 25, 2013


Posted October 25, 2013 at 1:00 am

- Catalina comic debut!
- Catalina in Sister II
- Imagined date of Susan and Catalina
- More Catalina in Sister II
- Catalina in Hammerchlorians
- Catalina in Death Sentence
- Catalina in By The Numbers
- Catalina in Family Tree (sort of)

I think that's a pretty definitive list of Catalina reference links? It's possible I missed something. I am mostly human, after all.

 And now a quote of myself from the land of Twitters:

There's a shocking revelation coming up that isn't actually all that shocking when you stop to think about it but is nonetheless shocking.

Sarah and Susan not having the same lunch period as Elliot and Tedd is what I was referring to.  The idea that they'd all just wind up having the same lunch period is something I think most would take for granted, but my old high school had three separate lunch periods, and their school is the same way. The only thing keeping the odds in their favor was comic plot convenience, AND THAT HAS TURNED AGAINST THEM.

Please insert a "krak-a-thoom" thunder noise here.

On a final note, that rubble in panel one should look familiar. It's safe to assume Justin is off to the side somewhere and shooting lasers at super mutants.