Comic for Friday, Sep 13, 2013


Posted September 13, 2013 at 1:00 am

- Hair spell

I posted the comic before the commentary was done and had this placeholder in, well, place for a bit:

Wrrrrriiiiiitttttting...! Wait, how do you pronounce multiple t's in a row? Does that sound like shivering? Bah! Come back soon for an actual commentary.

That is something I genuinely wonder about when I see it in comics. How do you hold something like a "t" sound? When I try that, it winds up sounding like a hissing, and that's not very t-ish.

ANYWAY! This marks the end of Family Tree at a mere 95 comics?! Holy crap. Um... At the time of writing this commentary, it was all in one part. It might get split up sometime in the future. Yeesh.

While the storyline itself might be over, you can bet this isn't the last we'll hear of one heck of a lot of things that were in it. Coming up next, however, is another Q&A! There's still potential to get your questions answered if you have any. Just please remember that I won't reveal spoilers, and that Twitter is probably not the best way to ask as I'm likely to lose track of those questions.