Comic for Tuesday, Apr 14, 2009


Posted April 14, 2009 at 1:00 am
TITLE: Facepalm


This comic wound up being delayed by several factors, one of which being its size. One reason this update is almost two full pages in size is that I felt the last panel was like a train wreck that could easily be seen coming as early as panel five.

Granted, I could have cut off at panel four and divided the update, but just the possibility of a hair spell one might have been enough to hear the bellow of the train's horn.

Justin's comments are the result of me feeling somewhat incredulous myself while writing Nanase's dialogue. I was all like "you're seriously complaining about that? For reals?" As for his analogy, I would love for something like that to happen. Not only do you win the lottery, but Wolverine gives you the check and sings for you? That would be a good day.

For anyone having trouble making out Grace's drawings, the first one is basically a more poorly drawn version of the fantasy Nanase images in the same panel, and the second is of a giant Nanase climbing a building like King Kong.