Comic for Thursday, Aug 22, 2013


Posted August 22, 2013 at 2:56 am

- "This is my boyfr--PARTNER!"
- Possibly relevant
- Noriko's career
- What little we've seen of Noriko
- "Your aunt maimed me and robbed me of my flock."

Before I get into this comic's commentary, I want to draw some attention to John Troutman's Kickstarter for The Gospel of Carol, a comic he is scheming to make and put on the interwebs. All you need to know is there, including the fact that if he meets a certain stretch goal, I will be drawing a 6 page Carol mini-comic. That is a thing I know you want to see even if you think you don't, so please, check it out!

Grace was originally going to immediately address Agent Wolf by name in this comic, but then I thought about it, and they've never actually met before now. I guess that's not a big reveal or anything, but at least it gave me an excuse to clarify who they are for anyone who might've been confused and not big on reading comic commentaries. YOU'RE WELCOME, those people who are not reading this.

In any case... Yeah. The evidence that Tedd's mom is a badass is increasing rapidly.