Comic for Wednesday, Feb 27, 2013


Posted February 27, 2013 at 1:00 am
- Planning to break up with Elliot
- Nanase embraces honesty

Unless you really want an honest, no holds barred answer, don't ask Nanase to answer honestly. I mean, yeah, she's likely to answer honestly anyway these days (short of sharing sensitive information), but she's really gonna think about it if you bring it up and the answer might not be something that had even occurred to her before.

Actually, wait. This is starting to sound like a super power.

Sarah - "Nanase! Aliens are attacking! What do we do?!"

Nanase - "How should I know?"

Sarah - "Honestly, what should we do?"

Nanase - "I don't... Wait. Target all of your weapons at the following coordinates!"

And then the Borg cube blows up.

When that exact scenario happens in a future comic, act surprised, as though you never read this commentary.