Comic for Friday, Apr 27, 2012


Posted April 27, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Start of this storyline

We're not done with Sarah's start as Tedd's assistant. Heck, we're not even done with her first day, particularly not after that mention of Nanase's visit.

One of my goals with these summer anthology storylines, however, is shorter storylines and shifting focus as I feel appropriate. We've got two more "hirings" to deal with, after all. Trying out the watch was effectively Sarah's job interview. How will Elliot and Grace do?

Power fantasy heights

I find myself unable to remember if I drew Wizard Sarah's silhouette to proper scale in this comic... I THINK I did, but my doubt is the result of me briefly considering exaggerating it at one point, but I think that was when I was considering a different angle. In any case, as I've previously mentioned, the Wizard Sarah persona is nine inches taller (6'0") than regular Sarah (5'3") and would be eye-to-eye with Justin.

Sarah's being tall is (at least in my opinion) an interesting contrast to what I tend to go for in video games that allow me to customize my character. I'm taller than Sarah, and when I can customize a character in video games, I tend to make small characters. I prefer to be a character who is smaller than all of the bad guys I'm fighting while still utterly destroying them.

I'm not sure if that means anything beyond my liking epic fights with giant opponents in video games, but I'm sure it's fuel for someone to make bizarre claims about my psychological profile (as though they didn't have enough fuel already).