Comic for Friday, Mar 30, 2012


Posted March 30, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Platonic date fantasy
- Rental place
- High school dating quota

The end of The End Of Spring?! Well, yes. It's time to move on to the first storyline in the Summer anthology that actually takes place in the summer!

From a school year standpoint, anyway. I'm not sure when "summer" from a seasonal standpoint technically begins. I don't particularly care, either. It's not like the weather seems to care what season it's supposed to be.

Movie Rental Stores

Hang on, I'm about to save us all a bunch of trouble:

1 - Yes, the movie rental store is still open. There are still movie rental places out there. In fact, I know of a chain that's hiring because they're opening a bunch of new locations.

2 - This comic takes place in another universe with magic and aliens. What is true in our world is not necessarily true in theirs (unless I can make a joke about it).