Comic for Tuesday, Aug 16, 2011


Posted August 16, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Jungle Ellen?
- It's entirely possible that Nanase's been reading those novels again...
- Dragon Kicker
- Lucky Bunny Bounty Show (that's what the poster is for)
- The white-haired cavedude

That's right: Women are oranges. Everything you ever learned in biology class is wrong.

It's entirely possible I got a bit too elaborate with parts of the background in this comic. That Lucky Bunny Bounty Show poster (behind Nanase in panel one), complete with logo and vectorized bunny girl, is barely legible in low-res. It's pretty much destined to be included as part of a sketchbook entry.

Psychic fan?

I was attempting to give Nanase a somewhat different body type without going too overboard, making her a little more muscular and defined. I didn't want to take it too far on tone, though. For one thing, even my muscular male characters aren't that toned. Panel one inspired me to tweet "Nanase will break you" at one point.

Anyway, while working on this comic, I received an e-mail from someone who was hoping to see a wider variety of body types and more scenes with Justin. I very nearly sent them an e-mail asking if they were psychic.

The mysterious Justin

I'm not sure where Justin got that t-shirt, but I know if I ever kicked a dragon, or anything similar to that, I would SO make a t-shirt about it.

I'm also not sure what he's doing with that clipboard. I just wanted him to be doing something other than just standing there. I'm betting inventory? OH! He's probably making note of who has and hasn't picked up their pre-ordered comic books, which means he'll soon have the fun task of leaving a bunch of "please pick up your damn comics" messages.

That reminds me. There's probably a pile waiting for me at my local shop. Haven't been there for a while... maybe that's who that missed call was from? I should look into that.

Fun with clubs

I feel like I should talk about panel three, but it's pretty self explanatory. Um... it was fun to draw? I don't believe dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time, but pteranodons are cool, so there is one. I also know pteranodons weren't dinosaurs, so there's no need to point that out. I know at least dozens of paleontologists simply must be reading this, so I feel I should make that clear.

All that said, I bet if you were to ask a pteranodon about it, they would be all like "what? Dude, I'm TOTALLY a dinosaur! Reptile? Don't be stupid, bro."