Comic for Monday, Jun 20, 2011


Posted June 20, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Hey, it's that police officer!
- Hey, it's that professor!
- Hey, it's that alien enthusiast guy!
- Hey, it's that talk show guy!
- Hey, it's that bean bag!
- Hey, it's that aardvark Noah! ...wait, what?

YAY! I didn't have to invent a mess of new extras! Although I'm not sure how common it is for uniformed officers to give press conferences... really, I don't. I don't watch many of them. Maybe he's actually a high ranking officer? It's most likely because that mustache inspired confidence.

Seriously. It's at least one fifth the caliber of Tom Selleck's mustache in its prime. Which doesn't SOUND like a compliment, but it really--wait. No, this... this cannot be!

Okay, it's Wikipedia and it's fluid so this could have entirely changed by the time you're reading this, but at the time of writing this, the primary image for Tom Selleck is CLEAN SHAVEN. This will not stand. Something must be done! If only there was some way to change it!

Alas, there is no hope... it's like that time on Friends when he came back without the mustache. There just wasn't any tension. I mean, sure, with the mustache, Tom Selleck is worth at least twenty Chandlers, but NO mustaches? What the hell?

Oh well. Best let it go and check for spelling errors before posting...


I swear I'm not in love with Tom Selleck's mustache.