Comic for Thursday, Dec 1, 2011


Posted December 1, 2011 at 1:00 am
- "You are a LIAR!"
- Oooo-eee-oooo....
- One person in the hallways
- An immortal named Jerry
- "Sort of" died

And so, as reckless as leaving a note like that on Raven's desk might have been, Grace at least had some sort of logic for why it was okay to do. I personally would have left a note along the lines of "we need to talk about something important" or whatever, but nonetheless.

Something I forgot to mention in the previous comic's commentary was a brief story from my childhood regarding the term "save the day".

It should come as no surprise that I used to play the Mario games a lot, and one day as a young child playing Mario Bros 2, I found myself wondering what the ultimate goal of the game was. I hadn't read the instruction booklet (I don't think I had my own copy of the game yet), and apparently, neither had my friend who owned the game. When I asked what the point of all the running around and throwing vegetables was, his answer was as follows:

"To save the day."

That was it. That was the extent of his reasoning. Apparently, there was a day that needed saving, and throwing vegetables at people was the way to do it. What did it mean to save the day, and why did it need saving? He refused to elaborate further. There was a day that needed saving, and your ragtag team of plumbers, a princess and a toadstool were the people to get it done. End of story.

I would say something like "ah, the logic of a child", but I was a child then, too, and I guarantee you that the reason I remember this story was that I was frustrated by his answer. I don't think he was messing with me, though. I think he didn't care about the story and "saving the day" was good enough for him. The ultimate goal of the game could've been to destroy the world or something. He just wanted to jump around and throw vegetables.