Comic for Thursday, Jun 17, 2010


Posted June 17, 2010 at 1:00 am
Hi dudes. I'm sorry to give away the exciting twist ending, but I was tired of waiting, you know? So here it is, and stuff. Try to act surprised when this actually gets revealed.

You might be thinking, based on this awesome drawing, that this is a small bunny, and the artifact must be small, too. Not so! This is a bunny larger than a small horse, but smaller than a big horse! As such, Susan can ride it. She doesn't have a saddle yet, but it's cool. She can buy one from the rabbit saddle shop. She has a few franchises to choose from, so you know she's getting quality.

And yes, this means there are giant carrots. Don't be stupid. You can't have giant rabbits without giant carrots. That would be a world gone mad.