Comic for Tuesday, Aug 27, 2019


Posted August 27, 2019 at 12:02 am

Scientific Dairy Sarah on Patreon

Description - Sarah the scientist has accidentally turned herself into a curvy cowgirl! Specifically, consistency of mass is for losers, and she's grown bigger with some clothes stretching and ripping.

I really wasn't planning on finishing this when I did, but I started working, I was having fun, my back was doing better in my new chair, and I just finished it really pretty easy like.

Part of why I was having fun was because I decided to interpret "cowgirl" as somewhat minotaur-like, and "curvy" as, well, extra curvy and heavy.

I've also taken some creative license with how stretchy and durable some of her clothes are, as she's definitely more than twice as big as normal when everything is considered. Seriously, that tattered "vest" is a lab coat.