Comic for Monday, Oct 13, 2014


Posted October 13, 2014 at 1:46 am

 Requested by Skylore Miller, aka: Renkore - Rhoda as the Dovahkiin from The Elder Scrolls Skyrim performing a Fus Roh Dah.

My initial response to being asked to have Rhoda performing the "Fus Roh Dah" shout was "requests are supposed to be limited to Character / Form / Outfit! Rabble rabble rabble!" Then I was all like "wait a minute... Why does it seem like there's more to this than I'm seeing?"
I retreated to my study. For hours, I delved into ancient texts, performed numerous experiments, and watched The Discovery Channel in search for answers. I learned I don't know how to read really old school English, certain things are quite flammable, and the answer to whether you can blow your own sail on a boat, but none of this new knowledge solved the riddle at hand.
I cried out to the heavens! "What is the connection between Fus Roh Dah and Rhoda?!" And in that moment, all became clear: FusRhoda
Or maybe Skylore explained the reasoning in the original message and it somehow flew over my head because I was sleepy. In any case, it was sort of the entire point, so BAM. FusRhoda!
Note: Requests are paraphrased for clarity and brevity