Comic for Tuesday, Oct 7, 2014


Posted October 7, 2014 at 1:53 am

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Requested by Anonymous - FV5 fairy doll Sarah, "girly" Tedd, Susan, Heidi (transformed Elliot), and Ashley

"I know it looks like we're high up, Sarah, but there's really no danger of--"


I really like the idea of FV5 Heidi, mostly because it's like "oh, hey, Elliot's already acting all sorts of weird, impulsive, and extroverted. What else can we add to this mix to make things even more potentially awkward?" Also, I like how her hair turned out.

If you're wondering where Heidi's tail is, she has one. It's just that it reflecting her mood in a manner similar to a cat's, so it's elevated and there's an Ashley in the way.

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