Comic for Sunday, Nov 17, 2013


Posted November 17, 2013 at 1:00 am

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Tom is, by far, the most masculine character I've ever introduced. Immediately upon introducing, the internet nodded in agreement that they were looking at a manly man among men, and there was no doubt whatsoever regarding the fact that he's male.

Tom is also, without question, the character readers have instantly trusted and not doubted at all the motivations of the most. Everyone is positively certain that this is a man with nothing but altruistic intent, and not a single individual has expressed suspicion regarding his motivations.

Everyone is also super jealous of his coat.

Legal notice: It's possible that parts, if not all, of this commentary was a dirty lie. Except maybe this part. And the reference link. That's probably not a lie, unless it links to the wrong comic. If it does, that was totally an accident. Unless this is the part of the commentary that's a lie. I have to say, this has gotten confusing.