Comic for Tuesday, Jul 24, 2012


Posted July 24, 2012 at 1:00 am
Sketchbook weeeeeeeek! *Stage dives. Crashes.*

Ow.... It's a good thing there are nurses in this image...

Anyway, this is another sketchbook that has been waiting a while to happen. I forget when, but I wasn't feeling well at one point, and I said I wanted to make a sketchbook with the three college gamer women dressed as nurses.

(Incidentally, I should really name these three. I'm fairly certain they have more appearances in their future and I'd prefer not having to refer to them as a group and then individually identifying them by their hair colors.)

I didn't want to rush the drawing, however, and the thing about sketchbook entries is that they usually are rushed because I don't want to spend too much time on them. That's generally why images I genuinely want to make get delayed. I want to put time and effort into them, but they're of relatively low priority

The hallway they're in and the scrubs of the most sensibly dressed of the three are inspired by, well, Scrubs. The sign in full says "Cartoonist" and "Sniffles Care Unit".