Comic for Wednesday, Mar 7, 2012


Posted March 7, 2012 at 1:00 am
In reference to commentary from this comic. Specifically, this:

For those wondering, Susan has grown to 5'8", or some other number if using the metric system. I'm not that great with conversions, but I think this makes her about 22 meters tall.

Now, people were kind enough to correct me, and I do appreciate the effort and concern for my brain, but this was definitely a joke. In actuality, the inch to cm conversion (2.54) is one of the few conversions I know off the top of my head, and if it wasn't and I was being sincere, I would have looked it up.

That's really easy to do, actually. Just type "5 foot 8 inches in meters" into a Google search, and 5 foot 8 inches = 1.7272 meters will be at the top of the search results. Granted, that doesn't exercise the mind much, and it's good to make it run a few laps every once in a while, but it'll get you the answer.

So why 22 meters, or 72.1784777 feet? Completely chosen at random. It's interesting to consider what conversion rate I must have been using to reach that conclusion had I been serious. That would basically imply 3.09 inches to every meter, or 3.88 meters to every foot.

I'm not sure how a person could wind up with those numbers by accident, but stranger things have happened. Given my tendency to over-think math back in high school, I probably have some old teachers who wouldn't have doubted the sincerity of that 22 for a second.