Comic for Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014


Posted December 23, 2014 at 1:01 am

 Requested by tbl - Tedd, *male*, doll-sized, in a strapless pink dress with a slit skirt and sequins, pink hair, pink high heels; full-size Grace in the male form and outfit from the fourth strip of "TF Busters."

Tedd has asserted that he never crossdresses while male, but patrons are determined to make this no longer the case.
Of course, that dress Tedd's wearing seems to be designed to fit a male figure, so is it really crossdressing at that point? I mean, obviously tons of people are going to say that it is, but I'm maybe trying to argue that it shouldn't be? Maybe? I'm not even sure myself? It's just something to think about given the double standards we have regarding what people of a given gender are "supposed" to wear, and now I can't seem to stop ending sentences with question marks?
Incidentally, Lady Mysterious commentary has been added (meaning for that whole storyline).
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