Comic for Thursday, Jan 9, 2003


Posted January 9, 2003 at 1:00 am

 Okay, there is like a phantom comic that I KNOW exists that we simply haven't gotten to yet somehow that should have, at least in my mind, immediately followed that comic with Lord Tedd's picture. Maybe it's after this one? I dunno. Each comic that passes that isn't that comic feels incredibly weird to me.

IN ANY CASE! This may be the comic where I officially stopped doing that *insert some manner of doorbell sound here* dealie. I found it amusing, but it feels less fourth wall shattering to fling an actual onomatopoeia in there, and no, I didn't have to look up how to spell that*

* This is a lie

Fun fact: This retroactively takes place on January 31st, so really, Nanase should probably be glad she has that sweater. In fact, she should probably be wondering why she isn't also wearing a jacket and some mittens, and Sarah should just be in a giant block of ice by panel four.

As for the last two panels, I like hybrid character designs. A lot of you do, too, based on reactions whenever I have one character morph into another**. There are always people excited about the middle stage of the transformation.

** This happens, but possibly not in canon. Unless it does. Will it? Keep reading to find out (unless you already did, you spoilsport)

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