Comic for Wednesday, Jan 8, 2003


Posted January 8, 2003 at 1:00 am

She espcially hates ENORMOUS mirrors that take up entire walls.

Ellen gets a very energizing effect from getting zapped with the FV5 beam, which is somewhat unique to her given that she already has a default form basically equivalent to Elliot having been zapped by the FV5 beam. It would actually have potential has an alternative to coffee for her if she didn't mind a compulsion to flirt with everyone.

Actually... Does Ellen drink coffee? I know at least one of the main characters does. I drank coffee when I was her age... At least, I think I did. they had a coffee machine in the school cafeteria, which, in retrospect, seems sorta weird. I don't know at what point people should start drinking that stuff (if ever), but I have to wonder if as early as freshman in highschool for 50 cents per small cup is a good place to start. I actually hope I'm remembering that wrong. Then again, everyone seems to drink soda from a young age, and that's bound to be worse, so.... Hm.

In conclusion, I have concerns about the availability of caffeinated and sugary beverages to young people, but am not entirely sure how concerned I should actually be. Probably lots, though. Let's all freak out about this in 3... 2... 1! GO! 

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