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Posted November 25, 2014 at 1:09 am

 - Creepy little girl
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I really don't want to say too much about this that could show my hand regarding how much I agree or disagree with either of them, so it's a good thing I have something else to share!

In the previous comic's commentary, I mentioned how it would be a good idea to follow my EGS Twitter if you just want tweets about comic updates, and how my personal account  would have those and "off-topic tweets like my opinions on salads or whatever."

My choice of salads as a topic? Totally random. That didn't stop me from scheduling eleven hourly tweets about it yesterday. Here they are in chronological order, one per hour between 1:30 and 11:30pm:


You know, I really liked Caesar salad the last time I had it, but that was a while ago. It's not like I couldn't get some more if I wanted.

Caesar salad is pretty much the only salad I'm familiar with. I know other salads exist, but I couldn't tell you what they're called.

The one thing I know for certain I don't want in my salads are tomatoes, which is weird. I like ketchup and spaghetti sauce just fine.

I guess there are a lot of things I wouldn't want in my salad, but I feel it unnecessary to list things one normally wouldn't put in a salad

I guess you could make a salad out of anything, though. Like, if I arranged it properly, could I make a pizza salad? Would that count?

Look, I don't care what all you naysayers say with your naysaying! I'm making that pizza salad, AND IT IS TOTALLY A SALAD BECAUSE I SAID SO!

I have created the pizza salad. I have been strongly advised not to eat it, but they also said it's not a salad, so they can be ignored.

It's entirely possible that pizza salad was a terrible mistake.

If my pizza salad was proof of anything, it's that all salads are bad for you. Boycott salad! Eat vegetables arranged in a dish instead!

It has become clear to me that none of you actually know what a salad is and I've had enough of your sass.

No! I'm done! No more salad tweets! Except maybe this one. Does this one count? Whatever. It's over! No more salad forever!


For the record, I did NOT actually make a pizza salad. I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone.

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