Comic for Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014


Posted October 29, 2014 at 1:02 am

- Aludrakrala abilities (Gets stronger after killing foes, makes other vampires stronger as he becomes stronger)
 - Some familiar cards

This was one of those comics in which I figured the visuals would be fairly simple and it would take no time at all. I mean, two close ups of Sarah and three chibi panels? Easy!

Of course, then I had to design chibi versions of Angelsting, Sam, Vampire Justin, Aludrakrala, and Sam's angel card, and then I had to figure out hte composition for those panels, and then I realized that what I really wanted for the last panel / what was kinda sorta needed was a small horde of cards, and, well... Production intensified.

I actually really like the "chibi" panels and the character designs within them. Expect me to find more excuses to resort to them. An added bonus, and one reason I went with those designs for this comic, is that they make it easy to fit more into a single panel without zooming out a bunch.

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