Comic for Friday, Aug 16, 2002


Posted August 16, 2002 at 1:00 am

 A mysterious wizard who is mysterious and who's identity will never be known because they are too mysterious wrote this mysterious journal about the creation of a mysterious artifact to remove a mysterious curse of mysterious werewolfishness (which was, legends say, mysterious).

So I guess werewolves are a real thing in the EGS universe. Neat! Of course, knowing me, they're some sort of "werewolves but NOT werewolves" sort of deal, which could annoy people. Given that werewolves aren't real, however, I really could make up all sorts of stuff about them and still claim they're totally werewolves.

"When the moon if full, they grow clown noses. What? You're saying werewolves don't do that? Well THESE do, and it's just as equally valid as whatever fiction you're referring to. Unless you're a shaman or something who really believes in werewolves, in which case I don't want to take the chance that maybe there's something to your beliefs and I apologize for everything because wolves are scary."

Sorta backpedaled there at the end, but you get the idea.

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