Comic for Friday, Jul 18, 2014


Posted July 18, 2014 at 1:41 am

A boy named Sue is about as likely as someone named Johnny Cash singing a song about it.

I cringed while writing some of the dialogue for this comic for a couple of reasons, neither of which being the usual reasons I might cringe at my own work. The first reasons was simply that I don't see anything unrealistic about the attitudes being shown. Those attitudes exist.

The second is that I can easily imagine a scene like this being written for a sitcom, only with Larry and Rich as the protagonists whom we're supposed to sympathize with.

Sidenote: Someday, after all modern technology stops working but people still somehow have access to my archives and try to decipher its ancient lore, I'm hoping they reach the conclusion that people used to acquire information by poking at ice cream sandwiches.