Comic for Monday, Oct 21, 2013


Posted October 21, 2013 at 1:00 am

- The Goo
- Elliot Vs Goo (Panel 3)
- (And yes, people know he fought it)

- Elliot Vs Bullies 1 - How he met Tedd
- Elliot Vs Bullies 2 - How he met Justin, maybe?
- Elliot Vs Bullies 3 - Yeah, definitely how he met Justin

- Elliot Vs Evil Monkey (Start)
- Elliot Vs Evil Monkey (Finish, AKA Panel 4)

- Elliot questions his own motivations

Panels three and four are actual scenes from earlier comics (as noted above) while panels two and five are not.

For panel two, I clearly wanted to address Elliot's not-so-subtle approach to bullies. There wasn't really a good previous scene that clearly represented that in one panel that I wanted to use, however, so I went with something new.

For panel five, griffins are rad.