Comic for Monday, Jun 24, 2013


Posted June 24, 2013 at 1:00 am
- The introduction of Rick (and Elijah)
- When last we saw Rick


What? There was no room in the comic for a dramatic thunder-strike in that last panel. Plus, I'm not sure if thunder can happen when it's snowing. I feel kinda of foolish not being sure about it, but I can't remember if I've ever heard thunder during a snowstorm, and I'm not one of those cool weather dudes on the TV who can always predict the weather accurately who would know that sort of thing.

And before anyone asks, Diane's that close to Rhea in this comic because, dude, have YOU tried whispering to someone at a party? I usually have to use my "holy crap Dan can actually talk loud when he wants to" voice at those sort of things. It's the same voice I use when ordering chicken at the mall, for all of the peoples must know how I want my Teriyaki.

I've received a lot of guesses so far about how this is happening. Fewer guesses as to why, but "why" is always the trickier question. Well, most of the time. Maybe. "Why did you make a comic?" Because comics are rad! "How did you make a comic?" Allow me to show you my 500-step comic-making process.

Absolute statements are ALWAYS flawed.