Comic for Friday, Feb 17, 2012


Posted February 17, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Magnets...
- Always with the magnets...

It's completely coincidental that Ellen is the one bringing up magnets again, but hey, it's an opportunity to quote The Simpsons, and I don't pass up such opportunities. For those who don't know the quote, it was a teacher's reaction to the principal's dream of a state of the art detention center where children are held in place with magnets. I think that's worth funding, don't you?

Also coincidental is the fact that this storyline shares a name with a song by Haddaway. Granted, realizing that guaranteed the existence of this storyline, but there's actually a reason for it that has nothing to do with referencing a song that I can't resist shaking my head to, and this comic is the start of that.

Speaking of Haddaway, that song is like a trap on my randomized playlists. I'll be working on a comic, being all productive and stuff, and suddenly What Is Love starts playing and I have to take a break because I can't help but move to the music. It's something I have to actually take into account when I need to get things done. The only time it doesn't have that affect is when I'm truly upset about something, which means it can actually be used as a "is Dan bummed" barometer.

"Dan seems down. Is he depressed, or just tired?"

"Play the song."

"...Okay, he's moving to the groove. He's just sleepy."