Comic for Monday, Aug 15, 2011


Posted August 15, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Out of the blue hug

Before I get to the rest of the commentary, I am planning a sketchbook this Wednesday and story comics every other weekday (mon, tues, thurs, fri). RIGHT! Onward with the commentary.

I'm not sure why Tedd's bothering with that clarification in the last panel. I think it's established canon by now that the characters can discuss whatever weird stuff they want in public and nobody will take pay it much mind. Then again, I think that's a super power a lot of characters in fiction mysteriously have. If they didn't, there'd be a lot less diner scenes, and we all know that would be a tragedy.

Proportionate Mayhem

As mentioned in the previous comic, I'm experimenting with adjusting character proportions. This isn't really all that difficult with female characters (and Tedd), but Elliot was a bit difficult to draw in this comic. I think he'll be easier to draw in the future, but this time, I was all like "argh why must he be 5'10" what a jerk".

I am, of course, still interested in feedback regarding the slight art style shift, but I feel I should clarify something. I'm just looking for constructive criticism. I will wind up drawing in whatever style I'm most comfortable with for EGS and am not asking for people's permission. That doesn't mean I can't benefit from constructive feedback.

I hope I wrote the above paragraph coherently. I am barely awake right now (I mentioned a sketchbook Wednesday? This is part of the reason why).