Comic for Thursday, Apr 21, 2011


Posted April 21, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Fire thing's explosive blasts the first
- How Elliot took that first blast
- Fire thing's explosive blasts the second


Um, okay... forget what I said about lamenting the fact that yesterday's comic wasn't a Friday cliffhanger...

I have to draw WHAT?!

A recurring comment one will encounter while listening to Simpsons commentaries is that the writers write whatever they want without worrying about the fact that someone will have to draw whatever complex madness they've come up with later.

As someone who both writes and draws his own comic, I have nobody to blame but myself when that happens, and panel five of this comic is an example of that. I'd been dreading that panel for months. "I have to draw Cheerleadra Elliot falling from the sky and landing in the middle of traffic?! Who wrote this--oh. Right."

Thanks a lot, Jurassic Park Toys

I don't know if it originated with Jurassic Park toys, but that's where I first remember encountering the term "battle damage" with toys. The idea was that you could remove parts of the dinosaurs to reveal "battle damage!"

Even as a kid, I found this disturbing. Not because of the basic concept of having a way to make the toys look like they've been in fierce battle, but because the Jurassic Park dinosaur battle damage basically involved removable plastic skin that would reveal red flesh and bones underneath. A bit freakishly gory for kids toys, no?

Anyway, the point I'm laboriously reaching is that whenever I draw characters in injured states, I imagine the words "BATTLE DAMAGE!" as though they were being said in a toy commercial. Good job there, brain. You really know what to latch onto...

Come to think of it, I seem to remember the JP toys referring to it as "Dino Damage", so maybe I heard "Battle Damage" somewhere else. It's no surprise the damage of the dino variety is what I remember, though. Seriously, what was up with that? I was a kid with a T-Rex toy whose side you could rip off to reveal a bloody ribcage, and then I lost that flesh so it was always dino damaged, and... gah. Bizarre and gross.