Comic for Saturday, Feb 20, 2021


Posted February 20, 2021 at 2:37 am

- Dream moment in question

I'm not actually sure what Jay would think of certain cartoons that fit that description. As a new character, I know Jay enough to get the ball rolling on getting to know her (one reason I was excited to include her in Parable), but I'll need to get to know her better before I can get a complete idea of what she'd have to say about it.

Part-Pony Form

Someone did ask something like this, and I immediately knew I wanted to answer it if for no other reason than the form being referenced was small, in one panel, and almost unrecognizable as Jay. As such, I saw this as an opportunity to show a better view of Jay in that form.

I also knew that some people like Centaurs, and in particular, um... centaurs of a particular physique, and I do enjoy drawing things I assume people will like seeing.

Granted, this is the part where the people who don't like seeing curvy centaurs speak up, or who people who do like curvy centaurs get incredibly nitpick, but a cartoonist can dream, can't they?