Comic for Thursday, Feb 18, 2021


Posted February 18, 2021 at 5:05 pm

This isn't me trying not to lean in too hard to not having too many "interesting" visuals. I think all of them dating in an absurdly wholesome manner that confuses others was the second most interesting available answer, and it's also a nod to many, may comments from readers over the years about how "tame" everyone in this comic actually is in regard to stuff like this.

As for why it's the second most interesting available answer and not the first, its because the most interesting answer in a "wrong answers only" Q&A would have simply been "no".

Speaking of "interesting visuals", I considered giving them exaggerated figures in panel three, along with Tedd-Grace being in an "extra masculine" form, but I decided I preferred the visual of them in more default forms. The alternative version could be a thing sometime in the future.

Incidentally, Sarah-Tedd has glasses on, and Tedd-Grace does not have glasses on, because these are basic clone forms that do not adjust vision. How the HECK that works is unknown even to me, but... Hm. Hang on, I'm gonna make a note of that. This is the perfect Q&A for "answering" that question...