Comic for Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021


Posted February 2, 2021 at 12:56 am

I really like the thought of all the shared dreams continuing as normal dreams after Jay woke up, which probably doesn't surprise anyone.

I mean, it's in the comic. I probably liked the idea.


I also wanted to confirm that Tensaided was actually a "real person" within the dream, which was hard to do with him hiding, so here he is. This is also why he was the only "NPC" who was able to help with Susan's plan to prevent a cutscene.


I don't think anything in our dreams are truly random. Everything that turns up in them is a result of something in one's own mind. There isn't going to be anything truly random.

Random-LIKE, by which I mean things that we might perceive as random, however? Definitely a thing with dreams.

Princess Giantess

Panel one is pretty different from what I originally had in mind, which was a giant Rhoda having saved the day, and normal sized characters around and on her. That's a pretty "vertical" visual, however, and I wound up deciding giant Rhoda needed to be sitting given the space available.

After that, and without having really planning it, the panel sort of became a twist on a princess surrounded by friendly animals?

Incidentally, that's a VERY transformed Jay in the lower left. She's supposed to be horse-like.

Feeling better!

I had a bad art day the day before I made this comic. 

I mean, sort of. There was stuff I wasn't happy with, and the comic I wound up with looked fine in retrospect, but it was just a day of mentally attacking myself.

I bring up this unpleasantness because I sort of feel like this is the opposite of that, and I tried things I would not have known to try if not for said bad day.

So yeah! I'm not saying this is perfect art work that offends the gods or anything, but I'm feeling pretty good about it and potential future art now.

Granted, this makes me want to re-ink parts of something I was already working on, but as we were just talking about, there are ups and downs to things.