Comic for Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018


Posted June 13, 2018 at 1:10 am
Because not everyone will know this (and because it's super weird), you got to name your rival in the first Pokemon games, and they were the professor's grandson.

I've no idea what people who read this without those two bits of information are going to think prior to reading this explanation.


People repeatedly commented on Nanase's outfit in Goonmanji 2 making her look like a Pokemon trainer, so I figured the sensible thing to do was to modify it just a bit and use it for this Grace-A-Monsters! parody.

I also wanted it to be an outfit shared by Justin and Nanase, so it was adjusted as best I could to make it look good on either of them (in my own opinion, at least).

As part of further experimentation with Nanase's look, I've added those... Hair dealies? By her ears? Hair dealies being a highly technical term. Her face felt somehow bare without them. I understand why things similar to them are relatively common in anime now.

Tedd Option

At first, you could only be a boy in Pokemon. Later, you were asked "are you a boy or a girl". In the latest game, they just ask you to choose a photo for yourself, with four boyish options and four girlish options.

The assets comment in panel one references how there's multiple hair, clothing, etc options for each version of the player character, and how much work adding a third, gender neutral option would be. One can still hope, however and darn it.