Comic for Monday, Jun 11, 2018


Posted June 11, 2018 at 1:00 am
It's the gracepocalypse o_o

The goal with this storyline is silly parody fun starring Justin, Grace, and Nanase. Granted, Grace is playing a bunch of characters, sometimes multiple ones in the same panel, but let's not question that too much.

I was originally considering having monster versions of a bunch of different characters, but that got way too complicated way too fast from my perspective. I'm trying to keep this simple, darn it.

Besides, Grace being every monster is wonderfully weird.

What initially sold me on doing this storyline, however, was simply George being the professor, which I love.

My goal with the Grace monster designs is cuteness and coolness, the coolness kicking in with the more ev--er, Metamorphosed forms. Mostly, though, I just want to have fun with their designs.

Normally, I put a storyline title ABOVE the strip itself in EGS:NP, but I felt like the first mention of the title should be in panel two, so obvious solution was obvious. In case anyone thought it weird to have "Grace-A-Monsters!" down there, however, there's an explanation for ya.