Comic for Friday, Jun 15, 2018


Posted June 15, 2018 at 7:42 pm
I had intended for today's comic to be the one in which Justin and Nanase would choose their starting Grace-A-Monsters. I realized, however, that the comic I had written didn't provide room for a good look at the the Grace-A-Monsters that were in it, and left one of these out entirely.

I figured that would disappoint people, and I wanted to show them off clearly anyway, so here they are.

For plant Grace, I figured she's a flower child with vines and leaves. This was fortunate, as being a bit hippie gave me an excuse to give her a sitting pose, making room for George's dialogue.

Water Grace is parodying a turtle with a squirrel-like tail and is wearing vaguely ninja-like things for NO REASON why would you even ask.

And for Fire Grace, I mostly just wanted her to look like a rad / cute fire lizard person, and for her ponytail to look appropriate for such a thing.