Comic for Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017


Posted September 27, 2017 at 1:00 am

I didn't want to just put Nanase in another striped t-shirt and such, so I wound up looking up various clothing items that appeal to me and came up with... Something. I'm not sure what exactly you'd call that outfit, other than BRILLIANT.

Anyway, her jacket is inspired by letterman jackets, her shirt is inspired by the fact that everyone is dressed for warm weather so it needed to be light to justfy the jacket, and the jean shorts are a result of me wanting to try out waist high 80s jeans on a character. The wrist bands are completely nonsensical and me being me, and the hair is what seemed to fit after everything else was thrown together.

If I do the outfit again, I MIGHT lengthen the shirt and lower the waistband of the shorts? Maybe? I'm not sure. Science must be done. In any case, I've decided I need to browse through old fashion trends and recklessly make use of them more often.

Multiple Choice

I thought of three outcomes for the last panel, and put them to a vote. In addition to "Mrs. Kitsune becomes Nanase's age", there was "Mrs. Kitsune becomes even younger so Nanase can carry her out", and "Nanase becomes Akiko's age". In the end, Mrs. Kitsune becoming Nanase's age won by a fairly large margin, with Nanase becoming Akiko's age in second place.

As such, I must apologize to those who voted for Mrs. Kitsune becoming Nanase's age. They undoubtedly didn't expect her clothing to wind up so small on her, and definitely would not have voted for it if they knew that was going to happen.