Comic for Wednesday, Aug 6, 2014


Posted August 6, 2014 at 1:00 am

- Fairy doll spell
- Fox (clone spell)
- Magic burn out (happening)
- Magic burn out (explained)
- Magic back (Vs. Not-Tengu)
- Magic back (take two)

Fun fact: This comic originally contained a typo. In the first panel, Susan asked "you've regained full access to HOUR magic, correct?" Not sure exactly what "hour magic" would be, but Nanase doesn't have that.

All Nanase is doing is cleaning her room! With the help of a magic, pseudo-autonomous clone. In a skimpy outfit. And longer hair. In pigtails. But still just cleaning!

And it's fitting and super clever that Nanase's summoned Fox, because Little Nase the fairy and Fox the magic clone have a lot in common in regard to how they function. Granted, all I was thinking was "an easy and funny way to illustrate Nanase having her magic back would be something awkward involving Fox", but it's still retroactively clever, darn it.