Comic for Monday, Aug 4, 2014


Posted August 4, 2014 at 1:00 am

- First summoning of "Nase"
- Explanation of Nase
- Nase flying around while Susan's on the phone
- "Nase" named (I THINK it was this comic?)

Yar! This storyline be canon, matey! By which I mean this storyline fits somewhere in the timeline of the main story, and you can tell because of the fancy graphic of Grace firing a cannon in the commentary for the first comic of the storyline.

Anyway, first new EGS:NP storyline! As much as I enjoy working in color with the main story comics these days, I do like the look of the greyscale style as well, so I'm happy I can keep it around in EGS:NP form.

As is likely apparent, I enjoy Susan having a fairy companion. Granted, as she says, Nase is just a sort of magical representation of her subconscious (sort of) , so perhaps "companion" isn't the right word. In any case, I think she's cool, so there.

Now go dry your hair, Susan. You look weird.