Comic for Friday, Aug 8, 2014


Posted August 8, 2014 at 1:00 am

- Clone forms (omg 2003 comic)
- Night Out clone form antics
- Tedd using a clone form to look like Grace

- Cockatoo-haired doll

- "Ugly cousin"

- People transforming on New Years Eve
- It's like The Birds, but with Nanases

Presumably, Susan had a clone form created New Years morning (like, 2 am or so). Susan just casually decided "hey dudes, let's make a clone form of me, whatever" PROBABLY isn't the sort of thing Susan would do, but after considering the potential benefits of having a "backup" of herself, she was likely first in line and telling everyone else to do likewise because SERIOUSLY.

SERIOUSLY, you guys.

Okay, she probably would phrase it more eloquently than that, but still. And seriously.