Comic for Friday, Mar 11, 2016


Posted March 11, 2016 at 3:39 pm

- Grace can't use the watches - First mention
- Grace can't use the watches - “Wrong magic” explanation

I'm sure there's nothing really important to the plot being mentioned in this comic. I'm sort of annoyed that I didn't have a joke to put into this comic, but I ran out of room for a fourth panel in which for someone to throw a pie.

This is one of those rare moments in which I am bested by the size of my own archives and how subtle I've done certain things, but we've totally seen Tedd use the glove in question. I just *know* it's somewhere in the archives, but I forget exactly where, because it was some background dealie and I didn't draw all that much attention to it. If I do figure it out (translation: if someone tells me), I'll link to it in the next commentary.

Incidentally, I love the comic in which it's first mentioned that Grace can't use the watches, because it also has Tedd saying he needs to observe a magic transformation and that he can't use a mirror, which is of course foreshadowing that Tedd can "see" magic (which I'm happy about because I like foreshadowing, and it lets me say "nuh-uh" to someone who claimed that came out of nowhere).