Comic for Wednesday, Mar 9, 2016


Posted March 9, 2016 at 4:57 pm

Right. Tangent over. I like the previous comic and the one before it in which Grace talks about various offshoots, but I tried to keep that going, and I found myself really turning on my own scripts. I'm for getting back on the MV5 train and bringing us towards a conclusion.

Speaking of the previous comics, I talked about how the MV-F# format should be MFV#, and a lot of people told me that wasn't true. I don't agree, but it highlighted that I havdn't made clear.

These offshoots would not simply be additional variants of the male form. They would be a whole new set of forms, with the first variant (the base on which variants 2-5 would build on) being a feminine male form. With every form, the naming convention is the overall name for the set of forms, then "Variant", and what number variant it is (up to 5). Since feminine is part of the description for what the set of forms would be, it would naturally go before the V.

You could argue for different arrangements and possibly make good points for why such a system would work, but that's irrelevant. Tedd has a system for how he names them, and according to that system, the last word is always "Variant", and the last letter in any acronym would therefore be "V", thus proving once and for all that I totally made a mistake eariler!